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Secutech India is acknowledged by industry players as the major security business platform that connects both security channel players and end users from different verticals. The show is well-supported and recognised by top industry and government officials as well as leading industry associations.

Facts & figures

Years running Secutech India was launched in 2012
2022 Edition  Deferred. New dates to be announced soon
Organised by  Messe Frankfurt Trade Fairs India Pvt Ltd &  Asian Business Exhibitions and Conferences Ltd 

Product groups


Surveillance cameras capture and transmit images back to a control room – or even remotely to a smartphone – where they are recorded onto an NVR, DVR or – increasingly – to the cloud. IP or network cameras are increasingly widespread but analogue cameras remain popular. There are bullet cameras and dome cameras, as well as thermal cameras or lowlight cameras.

Screens/ Monitors | Cameras | CCTV Poles and Columns | Voice, Video, & Integrated Data Systems | DVR | Voice, Video, Integrated Data Storage | NVR | ANPR | Body Worn Cameras | HD Quality Cameras | Low Light Level Camera Systems | Camera Housings | Internet Remote Surveillance | CCTV Monitoring | Dome Camera | IP Cameras | Security Camera Lenses | Security Monitors | Security Screens | PTZ Camera | Switches | Remote Surveillance | Public Space Surveillance | Infrared Cameras | Thermal Imaging | Security Cameras | Video Surveillance | Video door phones


A video management system, also known as video management software or a video management server, is a component of a security camera system that in general: Collects video from cameras and other sources, Records/stores that video to a storage device, provides an interface to both views the live video, and access recorded video.


Access Cards and Card Readers | Access Control Contactless | Access Control Systems | Alarm Signalling Systems | Biometrics | Cloud Access Control | Door Entry Systems | Electric Bolts | Face Detection | IP Access Control Systems | Locks and Keys | Mobility - Access Control | RFID | Security Doors | Smartphone Control Intrusion Systems| Turnstiles | VoIP


Intruder alarms detect unauthorised intrusion into homes, commercial buildings, and facilities. There are many types of intruder alarms available depending upon parameters like location, size of the space being protected and protection level required.

Control Panels | Infrared Detectors | Intrusion Detection and Location Systems | Alarm Receiving Centres | Wireless Intruder Alarms | Alarm Bells/Warnings | False Alarm Prevention | Intruder Alarms Systems | IP Intruder Alarm Systems | Security Smoke Systems | Pipeline Intrusion Detection Systems


Fence Intrusion Detection Systems | Perimeter Protection | Grills and Shutters | Gates and Fencing | Anti Riot Equipment | Anti Terrorism |Barriers and Bollards | Ramps | Power Fence Systems| Ballistic Doors | Battery Backed Power Supply| Blast Resistant Doors | Safes | Fibre Optics | Security Enclosures | Patrol Monitoring | Tamper Evident Security Seals | Infrared Perimeter Protection | Perimeter Security Fencing | Security Guarding

Prama Hikvision Smart Technology Show evangelizes intelligent solutions

Access Control | Border Control | Personal Protective Equipments and Safety Wear Communication Systems | Detectors | Emergency, Disaster & Rescue Management | IT and Cyber Safety| Optics & Optronics | Surveillance & Tracking Systems | Traffic Systems/Transport Security | Training & Simulation | Medical Equipments and Healthcare Technology | Equipments and Technology For Maritime & Salvage Management

Videonetics helps the Orange City of India become a Smart City as well

Flap Barrier | Column Swing Barrier | Tripod Turnstile | Barrier Gate | Parking Management System

Lack of maintenance plagues Indias safe city projects

A public address system is an electronic system comprising microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers, and related equipment.
PA system | Multiple microphones | Sound sources | Mixing console | Amplifiers | Loudspeakers


The Global Positioning System (GPS) uses satellites orbiting in space to help users on the ground to precisely determine their location almost anywhere in the world. GPS systems are included in smart phones, automobile navigation systems, and many other consumer devices.
GPS Asset Trackers | GPS Vehicle Trackers | GPS Personal Trackers


Codecs | Co-Axial or Fibre Optic Cable | Connectors | Guard Tour System | Multiplexers | Key Holder Services | Security Recruitment | Ruggedized Products | Armouries | Electronic Article Surveillance Systems | Mobile Communications | Security Lighting | Vehicle Location/Tracking Systems | Anti Theft Systems | Monitoring Station Equipment | Batteries, Chargers and Power Supplies | Asset Management | Digital Recording Transmission | Cablewire Detection and Prevention | Structured Cabling | Security Seals | Shock Sensors | Lone Worker Protection | Specialist Enclosure Manufacturers | Security Training and Qualifications | Control Rooms | Corporate Wear/Workwear/Uniform | Security Testing | Testing and Approved Services


Cybersecurity is the protection of internet-connected systems, including hardware, software and data, from cyberattacks. In a computing context, security comprises cybersecurity and physical security -- both are used by enterprises to protect against unauthorized access to data centers and other computerized systems.
Data Storage Solutions | Internet Security | Servers | Anti Fraud | Secure Communications | Data Network Security | Data Security


A DVR (digital video recorder) is a piece of hardware, usually shaped like a DVD player, that digitally records, plays back, archives and monitors footage captured by video surveillance cameras. While a NVR device is part of an IP video surveillance system that works in tandem with Intel processors and video management software.


Home cameras / surveillance/Smart locks/IoT sensors/Intercom systems (voice and video   intercom)/Voice control/Home alarms/lighting control systems/Intruder detection


Fire Fighting Equipment: Extinguishers, Fire Detection, Automatic Sprinkler Systems, Fire Alarm Systems

Personal Protection Equipment: Fire Fighter Boots, Gloves, Helmets, Flame Resistant Clothing

Fire Vehicles & Ancillary Equipment: Aerial Ladder Platforms, Fire Fighting Vehicles, Rescue Vehicles, Evacuation Equipment

Passive Fire Protection: Gas Detectors, Fire Proof Wiring & Fittings, Monitors, Parameter Control Fire Detection Systems

Active Fire Protection: Shutters, Fire Doors, Fire Pumps, Deluge Walls, Water Spray Systems, Fire Bombs, Sand Buckets

Disaster Management: Emergency Response Equipment, Explosive Detection, Medical And Evacuation Equipment

Visitor profile

Dealer/Distributors – 31%

System Integrators – 24%

Consultants – 21%

Installers – 9%

Project planners – 9%

End users - 6%

Reals Estate and Infrastructure – 14%

Banking and Financial Institutions – 12%

Oil and Gas – 12%

Hotels and Hospitality – 12%

Healthcare and Hospitals – 12%

Transportation –9%

Smart Cities – 5%

Retail – 5%

Education – 5%

IT Parks – 4%

Leading international and private brands who came sourcing